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Hair Salon

My Salon Policies

  • Late Cancellations:

  1.  If you have to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify us at least 48 hours prior or, if the booking was made on   that same day at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. Appointment cancellation without a notice will be charged with a   $25  fee.

  2.  We believe and understand life happens and things are out of our control. If you are sick or involved in an   accident we will let this one-time slide, however, it will be mark on your history chart.


  • No-Shows:

  1.  As mentioned above in the late cancellation section, we will let one-time situations slide because we   believe in respecting each other but everyone’s time is important. So, we ask our clients to please inform   us about any emergencies that will cause them to not show up for their appointment. 

  2.  If you miss your appointment without a notice, you will be charged 30% of the entire cost of missed   service. Also you may or will require a non-refundable deposit of $30 or more on your next booking. 


  • Late Arrivals:

  1.  Out of respect of our clientele, customers who arrive more than 10 minutes late for their appointments          will be charged an additional $15 late fee.

  2.  You may be required to reschedule


  • Guarantee Service and Refunds:

  1.  Our client's satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely happy with our service, please let us   know during your visit or within the 24 hours of your service. If you fail in following our after-care   instructions, it may result in a non-refund of the service.

  2.  We will proudly make any correction/ change within the 10 days of the service. 

  3.  Unfortunately, we do not honor corrections beyond this time unless the stylist or the booking /schedule is not available.

  4.  If we are at fault, we will redo /or refund your money.


  • Health History: 

  1.  Knowing your health history is an important factor in providing a safe and comfortable experience for   you. Therefore, we ask that you let us know if you have any allergies, physical issues, and if you are   pregnant or have any disabilities.  

  2.  Some medications and health issues may interfere or react with your services, that we are providing you,   so we won't take responsibility for the treatment outcome if you have withheld any information on your   health history or conditions.


  • We have the right to refuse services:

  • Our salon has the right to refuse its service to anyone:

  1.  That is intoxicated or has any inappropriate behavior.

  2.  That is underage without any supervision. 

  3.  If the person’s health issues can or may affect or be affected by the service.  

  4.  "We can also refuse a client if they didn't show up on their last appointment."


  • Discrimination:

  1.  Any kind of discrimination will not be tolerated at the salon by us or the customers. 

  2.  We will never discriminate anyone's, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital or civil partnership,   pregnancy, any kind of disability or gender identity.

  3.  Anyone who believes that they or others are being discriminated against is strongly encouraged to report this concern to the owner of the salon.

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